His beloved mother stands watch at the foot of the cross, His dearest friend not far from her.
The mother gazes up at her battered Son feeling helpless, comfort less, lifeless.
Surrounded by a crowd of people yet feeling so alone in her grief, she ponders on their life together. She begins to sob quietly as she remembers His first cry, His first smile, His first steps.
She remembers scraped elbows and bruised knees and the kisses that healed them both.  If only a mother’s kiss could heal him now.
She remembers the child growing in wisdom and stature.
The one who was taught became the Great Teacher. The innocent child became the Man of Miracles. In her most cherished memories, she is looking for comfort, but there is none to be found.
Even so, she will keep her watch to the end.
His beloved friend stares in horror at the sight of Him, beaten beyond recognition, wondering, questioning, remembering…
He remembers their friendship, more like brothers than friends, really. Meals shared, ministering side by side…Is this it? Is this the end? His friend doesn’t understand.
Even so, he believes in this God/man that he loves so deeply.
The Son looks down from the cross at His mother and friend. He is overcome with sorrow at the grief they share. He regrets that they are subject to the taunts and jeers of His captors. Which hurts Him more, the wounds or the words? He’s not sure. It doesn’t really matter. Both must pierce His mother’s tender heart. He gazes down once more thru blood stained tears and weakly whispers:
“Mother, here is your son. Son here is your mother.”
His friend draws closer, closer and closer still, embracing His mother.
Mary leans on John and looks upon her precious Jesus. The anguish of losing her child is unbearable. No words were shared. There was nothing to be said. How can Jesus remember them in His hour of unspeakable pain?
Even so, He shows incomparable love, without limits or conditions, to His family, His friends, His foes
There is a special bond between a mother and her child. There is a special place in the hearts of friends who are “family”.
Life embraces them, Death can’t part them, Love will carry them.
Even so, at this moment, in this hour, at the foot of the cross, they are – Inconsolable


(Copy and paste the link in a new window to see “Mary Did You Know/Crucifixion” musical montage-very moving. Warning: Graphic violence-scenes may be disturbing to young children).

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